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Total Body Pilates


"This is the first time I have tried any form of exercise in my 53 years.

I was nervous and was not sure I could do it or have the confidence to enter the class. Erica made me feel welcome and was very sensitive to my situation. She made sure that I was safely on the table at all times, and gave me the confidence to keep going. Because of her, I would now go to a regular gym and not feel insecure. She is incredible and everyone should at least try Total Body Pilates. I love it! "



Coming here has been a huge help to my strength,I have scoliosis.

I feel (even after 9 classes) that my core is getting a lot stronger, and as the days go by, I can tell a difference! I really like that the classes are geared toward people of all shapes sizes and abilities, and it feels like a little community in there with everyone supporting one another. I have recommended this place to several of my friends and my sisters! I will be continuing!


Dani J.

The first time I came into the studio, I felt welcomed. 

The studio has a great ambience and it's amazing how much better I look and feel. Erica is a great instructor and fun (which makes it all the better for me to really enjoy my workout)!
I am so glad I started going, I really look forward to "my time" knowing that I'm doing something to make my life better. Just love this place!

I love Total Body Pilates!

I had never tried reformer Pilates before and was nervous going in for my first class but Erica was great and I always felt like the classes were attainable for people at all levels of fitness! After one month of classes I feel stronger and especially have a tighter core now. I will for sure keep coming here and I recommend to anyone looking for a good workout class to tone up that is also fun!

Ashley C.

Wow! I love Pilates, the instructors and this studio at TOTAL BODY PILATES

 I have been wanting to do Pilates for a long time, since I have seen the obvious benefits it has brought to others. In the past, I have tried several times to get going with Pilates, but it never clicked with me. So about a month ago, I met the owner Erica at a social event, and long story short, she told me about an awesome 5 pass Groupon deal for the studio. So I tried it, and by the third class I was totally hooked. So right then and there I signed up,for a monthly unlimited pass. I have done a lot of moving arts and body work during my lifetime and developed a deep awareness of what happens with my musculature when it changes. In these Pilates classes, I often get goose bumps, from the resulting changes I experience.


I also have a messed up L5 on my spine, and the core strength I am developing is really improving my mobility, reducing the back pain, and sciatica issues. I am 6 ft 5 inches tall, and my gut is really trimming down fast. I was wearing XXXL clothing, and just last week I was so pleased that I fit in a XXL jacket, and I ended up buying it. Even getting out of bed in the morning, or bending down to pickup things and load the dishwasher has become a joy.


The instructors are all fun and yet very different, that variety mixes things up, so I never get bored, which is a big deal for me. The classes are just hard enough to make me wish at times I was somewhere else, and yet when that happens, I just concentrate more on going deeper into the moves, and end up getting more goose bumps from what is happening to my body. I always leave the classes feeling much better, than when I walked in.


The studio is beautiful, and I feel very at home there. It is sort of like walking into a sanctuary for my peace of mind during my busy days. I only have one regret about Pilates, and that is, that I didn't start doing it when I was a kid. And I only have one regret about this studio, and that is, that it is right next to a Pizza place, so that in the evenings when I walk out of class I am tormented by the wonderful smells of fresh hot pizza. It is kind of bitter sweet, I love that smell and it makes my stomach grumble. I have yet to cave in buying a Pizza yet... though it is getting time to buy another pass to this studio. I am amazed at the changes that have happened to me in just one month.

George F.

Total Body Pilates

Total Body Pilates

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Erica and the team are all incredible 

This is the BEST Pilates studio that I have EVER been to. Erica really knows how to help you build strength and tone, while being sensitive to former injuries. She can help you rehabilitate! Most of my previous Pilates experiences have been cold and hands-off- the instructors really didn't know how to help me maximize my experience on the reformers and the mat. Erica was able to get me to make the right moves on my first visit and I could really FEEL the difference. Everyone should be doing Pilates at Total Body Pilates.

Kim G. 

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