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Our signature class developed by Master Pilates Instructor, Erica Lukes

This class is specifically designed to eliminate chronic tension and pain by releasing Myofascial connective tissue that restricts proper range of motion in our joints. 

You will find that you stand taller, feel more felxible and move more freely. 

Tight Fascia has signifigant effects on your body both short and long-term. 

The problems that can manifest are:


  • sciatica

  • headaches

  • muscle pain and spasms 

  • chronic neck, back and knee pain 


Joesph Pilates required his student to have a solid foundation in matwork before they moved to the apparatus. 

Our Pilates Mat class teaches you the classical Pilates exercises, proper form and correct breathing. You will build a solid foundation for your Pilates practice while you tone and strengthen the body.

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