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Instructor certification



TOTAL BODY PILATES was the first studio in Utah to have the ability to certify Pilates in an internationally renowned Pilates program. Since we began certifying instructors, 2 decades ago, we have empowered teachers to find their strengths and set themselves apart from the competition. 


With so many instructor education programs on the market, it is vital that you find a program with that emphasis the original work of Joseph H. Pilates and that gives you the tools to adapt each exercise to your clients needs. 

We provide small classes and individual mentorship during and after the completion of your program. 




When the Institute began, there were only 200 teachers and 75 fully equipped Pilates studios in the world.

There were no videos, written or visual materials or even a curriculum.

The Institute was the first to publish a list of exercises and analyze the complex form. Three decades later,  The Method Pilates ® has dominated the industry by providing the best, most comprehensive education in the world.

The most comprehensive teacher training available- resulting from 25 years of experience in the creation of the first Certification for the Pilates Method in 1991 that was structured as lessons- not apprenticeship. 


PILATES MATWORK $600 (50 Hours)

  • STUDENT MANUAL: Contains 14 of the major Fundamentals and 35 Original Pilates Exercises. (Most exercises are shown by two different body types—fit man and a woman with the flexibility and line that is typically shown)

  • TEACHER MANUAL: Contains six pages of a detailed Teaching Outline and Exercise Progressions for all the Exercises.


PILATES APPARATUS $1600 (450 Hours) 

  • STUDENT MANUAL: 106 pages with Essays on Principles, Osteoporosis, Alignment, Kendall Postural Assessment, Injuries and much more. Forms on Equipment Maintenance, Client Intake, Waiver of Liability, Teaching Logs, Incident Report and more.

  • TEACHER MANUAL: 59 pages including Lesson Plans with Questions and Exercises Focus. Written Final Exam: 50 Multiple Choice, True/False, and Fill in the Blank questions plus four Essays to write.



  • function and rationale of the movements and equipment

  • postural anaylsis and  intake protocol

  • communication skills, including cueing, tone, pacing and dynamics

  • muscle recruitment, biomechanics of the trunk and spinal movement

  • modifications and variations of classical exercises

  • hands-on client based instruction 






Two decades ago, I was asked by PhysicalMind Institute, to become the FIRST Pilates instructor in Utah with the ability to certify Pilates professionals not only in Utah but worldwide. Since that time, I have helped design and implement Pilates Instructor Training Programs for renowned 



My experiences have strengthened my resolve to provide a solid foundation in the original Pilates repertoire and language, something that is lacking in new programs on the market.


For a quality education it is vital to have small classes to ensure individualized attention and mentorship.  

I foster individual strengths of each student, allowing you to set yourself apart from your competition

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