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Total Body Pilates™




results driven classes in a nurturing environment 

Total Body Reformer and Apparatus classes are specifically designed by expert instructors to give you symmetrical, full-body workout that strengthens your deepest abdominal muscles while sculpting your legs, arms, and back.

With a regular Pilates practice you will notice better balance, improved posture, agility, strength and flexibility.

Our clients have slimmed down and found relief from chronic pain. 

Our philosophy 


Total Body Pilates teaches the classical work of Jospeh H. Pilates with a contempory approach. 

We know that in order for our clients to see the best results and to avoid injury, it is vital to teach the correct form. 


When you become acustomed to the Pilates equipment and exercises, more cueing is added to take your practice to the next level.


You will learn how to take an effective breath and how to correct faulty alignment and movement patterns. 


We recommend that clients do a private Pilates session before joining group classes


New to Pilates? 

Here is the Reformer 411

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