Halloween is nearing and that means it is the beginning of holiday season feasting. How can we avoid the empty calories and loads of sugar from our kids pumpkin pails? Lets face it, when our kids go to bed, their candy bags come alive and that one tiny little chocolate peanut butter cup looks too irresistible! Just an additional 100 calories a day can cause a weight creep in most adults. Here are some tips to help control your candy cravings as the holiday season starts.

  1. Keep it out of sight! If the candy bowl is in front of your face you will be more tempted. If you see it, you think about it, and crave it. It will be less tempting for your children as well. If it is out of reach, you might not go to the effort to reach it when you feel a craving.

  2. Buy the candy you wouldn’t normally pick. Most adults crave and over indulge in chocolate which is calorie packed. If you are having to buy for Halloween get the candy that is hard, sour, or gummy since it is typically easier to control intake amount and has less calories.

  3. Let yourself indulge in one candy on occasion. To think you can avoid it all together will most likely set you up for failure. Identify the time of day you feel your craving the most and let yourself savor the taste and enjoy that darn piece of candy!

  4. Chew sugarless gum. For very few calories, gum helps curb cravings and gets you to your next meal while satisfying your sweet cravings.

  5. Drink water and eat balanced meals. Staying hydrated and eating properly keeps your blood sugar level steady and keeps you feeling satisfied. Have healthy snacks ready and accessible between meals. Pre plan meals to ensure you are satisfying all of the food groups. Make sure to start the day off right and eat a healthy breakfast.

  6. Exercise! Regular exercise along with healthy food and drink choices will keep your cravings at bay. This approach is sometimes hard to initiate but once you can make exercise a habit, you will gain an intrinsic motivation to stay away from pesky candy and other holiday treats. Total Body Pilates classes is a perfect way to start!

  7. Feel a craving, get yourself to move. So maybe you are at your desk hard at work when feel the need for sugar. Grab one of your pre planned healthy snacks and then take a walk around the office or outside for five minutes. Drink a full glass of water or a hot cup of tea and you should be able to go back to work a little more satisfied.

Happy Halloween Y’all! Let the ghosts and goblins scare you, not the candy!

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