Knowing the difference

In the past 2 decades I have seen the Pilates community grow worldwide but with that growth,

I have witnessed the integrity of Pilates take a nose dive straight into the toilet.

Time after time, I helped rehab clients who have been injured as a result of a poorly trained

Pilates instructor and clueless studio owners. Pilates is NOT what is presented by a majority of studios and as a consumer, you need to understand the difference.

Lack of education

One of the most alarming things for me and other seasoned teachers is the fact that many new studio owners have little or no training but yet, they create and teach their own version of Pilates.

When I first started Pilates, I spent two years working with a qualified instructor before I made the descion to move to Sante Fe to certify with the world's first and best instructor training program.

After more than 600 hours of education, student teaching and self practice, I contiuned my education by taking Pilates based physical therapy courses and studying with Master Instructors.

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