"Gym Pilates" vs Quality Pilates

With Pilates instructors flooding the market, it is important that you understand the difference between "Gym Pilates" and quality Pilates. Pilates will have a postive effect on your body and life but if it is taught incorrectly, you will create imbalance and it will lead to injury. Gym Pilates is taught in many "Pilates" studios acorss the country and as someone who certifies teachers and works with clients of all skill levels, I feel it is imparative to give you the tools to make the right desicion when finding an instructor or studio. WHAT IS GYM PILATES?It is something that should send a cold chill down your spine. It should motivate you to put on your best pair of running shoes and flee the scene imidaltey! Gym Pilates is Pilates that is taught by an instructor with:

  • little knowledge or undertsanding of the original work of Joseph H. Pilates

  • a poor understanding (if any at all) of Pilates movement principals

  • lack of knowldege on working with clients with injury, chronic illness or pregnancy

  • understanding of how to create a safe and effective class that caters to the needs of each individual client

  • lack of empathy for clients

  • poor customer service skills

THIS IS WHAT QUALITY PILATES IS ALL ABOUTQuality Pilates empowers you to make changes in the way you use your body in and out of the studio. It allows you to connect your mind and body to make profound change.It helps you recover from injury, it helps you bounce back after pregnancy, train for your favorite sport and shed unwanted weight. Here is what to look for in a quality instructor:

  • an instructor with a certification from an internationaly repsected organization

  • an instructor who has completed well over 500 hours of instructor training, self-practice, student teaching

  • someone who is deelpy rooted in the original work of Pilates and has the skills to teach modifications or variations of each exercise depending on the clients needs

  • understand and teaches saftey protocols on the mat and on each piece of Pilates equipment

  • has empathy and compassion for everyone

  • understands that each client has different goals and needs and will hep them achive what they deserve

  • creates a balanced program that includes flexion, extension and rotation of the spine

You should find the best and when you get it, you will achive all that deserve!

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