Erica Lukes – Master Pilates Instructor


Voted “ Best Pilates Guru ” by Salt Lake Magazine , Erica began her study of Pilates in the early 90’s after a horseback riding injury. She fell in love with the work, quickly realized its importance and dedicated her energy to share her passion with others. Erica has the inate ability to put students at ease while focusing their physical and mental energy on a positive platform during Pilates movements. The peaceful environment she creates, coupled with her transcendent knowledge of Pilates, shows in the physical and mental strength of her students. Erica loves showing that everyone will benefit from Pilates regardless of age, gender, fitness level, physique or size.

As part of her Pilates education, Erica moved to Santa Fe to study with PhysicalMind Institute, where she received her certification. In 2001 she was asked by PhysicalMind to become a certifying studio, the only one in Utah at that time. Erica has not only certified many of the Pilates instructors along the Wasatch Front, she has certified instructors all over the world. Erica has also been asked to become a Master Trainer for Bally’s Total Fitness, Balanced Body and PhysicalMind for whom she certifies today. She has worked alongside the best teachers in the world to create and implement teacher training programs.

Erica has continued her education with some of the world’s best Pilates teachers, including Kim Lee, Siri Dharma Galliano, and Barbara Huttner. Erica also completed an intense Yoga certification with Nancy Ruby in 2006. She  also studied with Polestar Pilates  .Her education, desire to gain as much knowledge as she can and her intuitive ability give Erica the unique ability to connect with her clients and offer them something special.

Erica opened her first commercial space in 2001 and in 2003 relocated to Foothill Village. In addition to Erica’s Pilates knowledge, her studios exude an inner peace and tranquil environment. Erica’s studios have appeared in The Hugger Mugger catalog, Pilates Style Magazine and a distinguished vote as one of the most beautiful studios in the world by Balanced Body. She has appeared on Good Things Utah, Fox 13 Morning Edition and  KSL. You can find her face on Hugger Mugger products  so keep your eyes open !

In her spare time she is a mom,  professional vocalist, artist and actress . She has a youtube channel with fun and educational Pilates videos . Check them out .

 Loriol Anderson


We’re excited to have Loriol Anderson join us as a certified Pilates instructor. Here’s the list of her credentials:

• B.S. Fitness and Wellness Management 2002 BYU
• Health Fitness Instructor for American College Sports Medicine
• 300 Hour Pilates Certification with The Method Pilates ( Erica Lukes ) (10 years’ experience)
• 100 Hour Yoga Certification (10 years’ experience)
• 6 x Marathon Runner
• Owner of Luxfitness LLC
• Exercise Physiologist in Rehab Setting



Frederika Steed


Total Body Pilates is so happy to have Frederika teaching Pilates.  She is an awesome instructor who has been helping students achieve their goals for almost 15 years. She also teaches Boot Camp and other cardio/core strength classes.  Let us know if you’d like Total Body Pilates add some of Frederika’s other classes!

Susan Haight


Susan has been teaching Pilates for over 10 years.  She is passionate about helping her students achieve their goals and helping everyone understand the importance of core strength and regular Pilates practice.

Get in to see Susan soon.  She is back from spending the summer in Alaska and is excited to be back teaching again.

 Julie Uminski


Julie comes to us from the midwest – Madison, WI. She has been in Salt Lake City for over 3 years and loves being so close to the mountains. Julie has been practicing Pilates for over a decade. She was Mat certified through PhysicalMind ‘The Method’ Institute in 2004 and completed her Reformer/Equipment training in 2009. Additionally, Julie has completed several specialty courses including TRX ,Group Exercise (AFAA), Yoga Practical Skills (AFAA), Pre/Postnatal Exercise Design (DSW), Resist-a-ball ® and is CPR certified annually. During her spare time, Julie might be found somewhere in the outdoors: backpacking, camping, hiking and from the months of November to April…skiing. She has a passion for traveling and always has her next trip planned.

“Every time I participated in a Pilates class I felt so much better afterwards – physically, mentally and emotionally. I wanted to help others feel the same way.” – Julie Uminski, about why she started teaching Pilates



Melissa Kellog


Melissa’s love for Pilates started in Springfield, MO at the ballet study she was attending.  She loves that Pilates increases her core strength since just like most of us, she sits at her day job.  Melissa encourages her students to talk during classes and help mold the sessions into what each student wants.  She enjoys seeing her students’ flexibility and strength improve with each session.  Don’t expect to get out of her classes with out the good ‘ol Pilates push-ups!


Melissa resides in SLC with her husband and son.  She would love to cook and read but spends her free time studying for her MBA.  They do travel when they can and she loves to go home to visit her parents and her beloved nieces and nephews.

Becca Janis



Hanna Lukes


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