Group Reformer

crop-bob.jpgOur Reformer classes are small so you get the attention you need for a good Pilates practice. Our instructors create classes that challenge your body and emphasize good form regardless of body size or fitness level.The benefit of the reformer is that it stabilizes your body. This means, if you have an injury or haven’t worked out in awhile, you have a little extra help. But the great thing is that if you have a strong core, our instructors can give each student in class the appropriate reformer spring usage for your workout too!  Our instructors are highly trained to make sure you are creating balanced muscles groups to help you keep your body healthy and strong.We have seen students lose weight,  have quicker recovery from injury, improve their balance  and get toned bodies in very dramatic ways. Your core will thank you :).  And, the added benefit is that Total Body Pilates creates a welcoming environment for everyone regardless of gender, size, fitness level, etc., resulting in self esteem improvements.Many students are a bit overwhelmed or intimidated by the equipment (the reformer) and choose to start with a Total Body Barre class or a mat Pilates class.  BUT, even first time students are always so surprised at the skill and care that Erica (and all our instructors) give.   The safe, welcoming environment and the awesome reformer exercises quickly erase any doubts our students have about the reformer.

Total Body Mat

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Total Body Pilates is one of the few Pilates studios in Utah that emphasizes Pilates Matwork.  At Total Body Pilates, our Mat classes emphasize correct form, alignment and muscle balance.  We help our students stand taller by creating long lean muscles through core strengthening and stretching developed by Joseph Pilates. This class incorporates classical Pilates and  West Coast Pilates. We have a beautiful 1, 500 square foot room dedicated to mat Pilates,  so you are sure to have a nice comfortable space.

Come try Total Body Mat, you will love it !


Total Body Barre


Total Body Pilates has been offering Barre classes for almost 10 years. In that time we have developed a Barre class that is unique and changes people’s bodies in as little as 30 days.

Total Body Barre fuses together Advanced Pilates work, Ballet and athletic conditioning. We believe it is important to keep your body guessing to make dramatic change. So…we never teach the same class twice!

If you are new to Barre work, Total Body Pilates is just the place for you. Our instructors always give modifications and you never feel intimidated.  We strive to create a safe, welcoming and accepting environment.  Total Body Barre is one of our most popular classes.



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